A Note From our Founder Megan Hall….





I like the color pink, wine, fun, reading, connecting, positivity and self care. I am a mom of four beautiful children. I’ve been married to the love of my life, who proudly serves as a sailor in the US Navy,  for six years. I also run a business, Megan Hall Motivation, where I provide my clients with the tools to thrive and the confidence to utilize them.





I truly believe that in order to live a happy, healthy, thriving life we have to focus on our life as a whole not just one piece. In order to do this we have to create habits and routines that are authentic to us. If we won’t stick to it why do it? If it doesn’t feel good to us then we won’t stick to it. The End.

Over six years ago I found myself a mom of two, in a toxic relationship with an addict, overweight, depressed, lethargic, unemployed, living in a house that should have been condemned, no license, no car, and no hope. I thought that would be my life forever. I didn’t think I could change it. It took just one decision to not live like that anymore and my whole life changed. Over six years later that women is just a shadow of my past. Someone my heart breaks for. She didn’t know the power she had inside.





It took time for me to grow, strengthen, and change from the inside out. Along the way I learned so much! I want to share all that I learned with other women so they can thrive too. We cannot do this alone but together we can do so much!

How do I help other women achieve an amazing life? Simple… through connecting with them and sharing what I’ve learned. I want to share my message with the world so other women don’t have to struggle anymore. We all deserve to feel amazing!

I am so happy to have you on this journey with me. Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!





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